WiFi.com FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WiFi.com?

WiFi.com provides users with free, easy and secure wireless Internet connections when they are away from their home or office. The company is based in Seattle, Washington with operations in USA and Europe. The company is led by experienced technology entrepreneurs who joined forces to create a better WiFi experience.

What are the main benefits of WiFi.com for users?

WiFi.com enables users to easily share their secure networks with their friends and colleagues. WiFi.com enables users to connect to commercial WiFi networks (at hotels or airports) on a per minute basis, which can be significantly less expensive than per day or month service providers. WiFi.com will enable users to more securely browse the Internet when in public by encrypting users' wireless Internet connections.

How do I get WiFi.com?

Sign up for our beta by providing us your email address at WiFi.com signup (http://www.WiFi.com). We are constantly adding more beta users and encourage you to try out our software ahead of the public launch.

Why is the WiFi.com beta private?

We are no longer in a private beta. The beta is now open to all users. Beta testers provide us with great feedback.

What does WiFi.com cost?

The WiFi.com service is free today with the exception of premium minutes. (See What are Premium Minutes below.)

How can I share my secure WiFi connection with friends?

WiFi.com enables you to grant access to your secure home or work WiFi networks simply by sending an invitation to your friends and colleagues through the WiFi.com manager. No more remembering WEP keys or updating your friends with new keys - the WiFi.com manager does this automatically. You can add friends from your outlook contacts, Hotmail, Gmail, and dozens of other programs with a couple quick clicks.

Is sharing my WiFi connection dangerous?

We recommend you share your WiFi connection only with the people you trust. WiFi.com allows you to invite your friends and colleagues to use your secure WiFi network without sharing your WEP key.

Can I restrict access to my network to a person once I have granted them access?

Yes. Go to WiFi.com and log into your account and you will have the ability to add or remove people from accessing your WiFi network.

Do I need extra hardware if I want to share my WiFi?

WiFi.com provides a software application which works regardless of the hardware in place (obviously you must have a WiFi access point or router, any kind will do). WiFi.com is compatible with any WiFi access point or router.

How do I use WiFi.com to connect to WiFi networks?

WiFi.com will enable you to connect to open and secure WiFi hotspots regardless of whether you are using Windows XP or a Mac. A Windows Vista client is coming in the near future. Simply view available networks and select the network you want.

What are Premium WiFi minutes?

More and more WiFi hotspots are available free of charge, and we believe this trend will continue. However, there are may be times there isn't a free WiFi hotspot available. And, if you must pay for a WiFi connection then we feel it should be as affordable and easy to access as possible. WiFi.com lets you connect to premium WiFi networks on a per minute basis just like a pre-paid phone card lets you make long distance calls. We have preloaded your account with a $5 credit so you can try this functionality next time you are in an airport or hotel. Through our strategic partnership with Whisher, you can recharge your premium WiFi minutes account any time your account runs low.

Does WiFi.com allow me to resell my WiFi network?

WiFi.com does not support the reselling of your WiFi network. We do make it easier to manage who can and can not access your secure WiFi connection.

How is WiFi.com related to Whisher?

Whisher was acquired by WiFi.com in Q1 2009. We are utilizing many of their outstanding technologies and added many of our own to create what we hope you will feel is a superior WiFi experience.

How do I turn off WiFi.com?

If you ever want to turn off WiFi.com; launch the program select settings and choose stop program. You can also uninstall the program by accessing the Windows control panel and selecting "add and remove programs" and removing the application called WiFi.com.