WiFi Master Key is an essential tool for Android smart phone users to search for, connect with and manage their WiFi access. Millions of WiFi hotspots are available worldwide.
Launch WiFi Master Key on your Android smartphone, go to the "Connect" tab, click "WiFi Key Search" to search for available WiFi hotspots nearby. Blue key hotspots are shared and can be connected for free.
Once an encrypted WiFi access is shared by its owner, a blue key icon will appear next to the hotspot listed. Blue Key Hotspots can be connected by retrieving secure encrypted passwords from our clound database.
Auto Connect can be used to connect with the shared WiFi hotspots, saving your time of re-typing the passwords. As an owner, feel free to share the hotspot for fast and easy Auto Connect.
By tapping the WiFi hotspot and select Manual Connect, you can type in the WiFi password to get connected. In this case, WiFi Master Key serves as your one-stop connection assistant, without troubling you to open the other WiFi menus.
WiFi Master Key requires minimal mobile data to perform "WiFi Key Search", hence to obtain the secure encrypted passwords from our cloud database, and to get you connected to a faster WiFi connection. Only 10~15KB data will be used for every "WiFi Key Search" performed. Besides, you don't need mobile data to retrieve passwords stored by Manual Connect.
WiFi Master Key is completely free to use. On top of that, we will organize contests from time to time. Keep an eye on our contests and stand a chance to win big prizes.
When you visit our website and/or use our application, we will collect, use and process your personal data such as your mobile phone number, your IP-address, the duration of a visit/session to enable us to deliver the functionalities of the website and our application. If you wish to withdraw your consent to our use of your personal information, request access and/or correction of your personal information, have any queries, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us (and our Data Protection Officer) at [dataprotectionofficer@wifi.com].
Please kindly check if there's hotspot in the system's WiFi list. If yes,(1) Please uninstall WiFi Master Key from your current device(2) Upon re-installation, please accept WiFi Master Key to use the device's location(3) After re-installation, you will see the WiFi list after clicking "WiFi Key Search"
The following reasons may contribute to the failure of connection:(1) The password has been updated by the hotspot owner without sharing(2) Too many devices are connected concurrently. Please try again later(3) Weak/unstable signal. Please test the signal level with the built-in Signal Detector, to find a better spot for connection.
Certain WiFi hotspots require their users to go through their authentication webpage before browsing the Internet. Please follow the instruction and complete the authentication step.
You may not be able to surf the Internet because of the following reasons:(1) The router connected is offline, i.e. it's not connected with cable(2) The WiFi connection is out of credit and needs to be topped up(3) Weak/unstable signal. Please test the signal level with the built-in Signal Detector, to find a better spot for connection.
WiFi Master Key is not a cracking tool, and please note that hacking is illegal. We would like to build a sharing community, hence everyone can get connected anywhere, any time.
Please let us know the issue by filling up the contact form below, we will get back to you ASAP.
For the good of all users to enjoy free and fast WiFi connection, you can share the hotspot. Note that all shared passwords will be transmitted and stored at our cloud database with 128 bits encryption. Users need to retrieve the secure encrypted passwords from the cloud database everytime they try to connect with the shared hotspots. For data security & protection purposes, encrypted data will be deleted after successful connection. Password information is neither presented to the app users, nor saved locally in any device.
Select the WiFi hotspot from the list, and click "Hotspot Share". You would need to type in the password again to complete the sharing.
Absolutely. All password sharing will only be performed with your prior consent. You can turn off sharing any time when you don't feel like.
All transmission and storage of the passwords are performed by 128 bits encryption. Besides, passwords from our cloud database will not be saved locally by any Android devices. For data security & protection purposes, encrypted data will be deleted after successful connection.Since the launch in 2012, there has been ZERO security issue occurred with over 500 million users and 1.7 billion times of connections.
Please report ASAP by selecting the WiFi hotspot from the list and clicking "Report Phishing Hotspot"!
This mobile tethering feature allows you to turn your smartphone as a personal hotspot that can supply Web access to nearby computers, tablets and other devices. Note that this will consume your Mobile Data, the cost of which will be charged by your telecom carrier.
This feature allows you to test the connection speed of the WiFi hotspot you are connected to.
By using the built-in Signal Detector, you will get to know the signal strength of a selected WiFi hotspot. A good trick is to walk around with your mobile device to find the best spot with the highest signal strenth, this will help increase the chance of succesful connection.
The built-in power saver allows the WLAN function to be turned on/off based on your preferences to extend the phone‘s standby hours. A description of the different power saving strategies is available here. Feel free to customize the settings based on your own needs!
This feature helps you track the WiFi usage through WiFi Master Key. Enjoy fast and free surfing ;)
Once backed up, you can access the WiFi information from any logged in device. All backup passwords can only be accessed by you and will never be shared. Kindly note, we would ask you again for the backup permission if your phone has been rooted.